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Criminal defense involves representing an individual cited or arrested for simple possession, possession drug paraphernalia, assault, domestics assault, shoplifting, theft, and many other offenses. Get the defense you deserve to protect your record.

Driving under the influence occurs when an individual is accused of drinking and driving. If you are accused of DUI, you deserve a thorough and complete defense because DUI can follow you the rest of your life.

Personal injury representation involves seeking compensation arising from car accidents, slip and falls, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death, products liability, and more. If you have been injured at no fault of your own, you deserve compensation.

Agreed divorce is frequently a cheaper option for a couple in a marriage that just isn’t working anymore. Both spouses are in agreement that the marriage is no longer functional and each spouse does not want to pay their own attorney.

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I am here to help answer your questions. Criminal and civil matters can be complicated, let me help inform you of every aspect regarding your case. I take great pride in using my expertise for you and look forward to hearing from you. 

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“He got my DUI reduced to public intoxication and a fine.”

Client, Great job

“I hired Jason for the expungement of my record. Not only did get everything done in a timely manner, he did so while consistently keeping me updated on the process. Jason and his team did everything I expected and more. Best money I have ever spent.”

Torren, The Best

“Mr. Collver was unable to contact me back for several days after I submitted my initial contact due to being in court. Eventually, he called me back and we had an excellent conversation. I was definitely upset at first because I had an urgent timely situation on my hands. I will keep his number for any future necessity.”

Marie Crawford

“If you are in need of an attorney who is wise in the court room, who is legally astute, and who is compassionate and caring… Look no further than Jason. His skill set combined with his passion offers the right combination for a successful outcome in the court room. It is because of him and his law firm that I no longer felt scared and alone, but confident and sure that the truth would stand and be unmoving… And, it was. Thank you, Jason.”

Client, The Truth be Told

“Mr. Collver handled my situation with great care and I felt like he treated me like I would have treated myself. As always, Marcos only works with the best and I also applaud Mr. Collver on his knowledge and abilities to get things done!”

Thomas, Excellent!

“Jason did an excellent job as my attorney. He was thoroughly involved from beginning to end and more importantly he executed on what we set out for. He is comfortable in a court setting and is more than capable of delivering a positive result for you. I recommend him to anyone with confidence.”


“Mr. Collver is an excellent choice for representation. He demonstrates extreme professionalism and at the same time provides a sense of caring and comfort through the process. I highly recommend his services.”

Client, Professional Lawyer

“Mr Jason was very supportive, well prepared for any meetings which we had. It was the pleasure working with him across whole period, he provided always clear directions up to the full resolutions. I would like to clearly state, great professionalism from day one.”

Client, Professional support

“I needed a lawyer fast and ready to work. Mr. Collver was an excellent choice! He assessed all my facts and information to put together a brilliant plan of action for my case. I was unfamiliar with all the legal terminology and judicial processes, but Mr. Collver clearly explained everything to me and answered all my questions. I immediately hired him. I was very impressed how diligently he and staff worked on my case day and night. Anytime I needed assistance, I received a quick response via phone, email, or in person. Courtrooms can be busy and sometimes overwhelming. Mr. Collver displayed professionalism and calmness in courtroom and with judge that made me proud to have him as my lawyer. I was very pleased with Mr. Collver’s preparation and ability to answer any and all of my questions that I had in and outside of courtroom. Each advice and recommendation benefited my case and me. As a result, I felt confident each time I stepped into courtroom with Mr. Collver. I am very pleased with the results of my case, and I strongly recommend Mr. Collver for his overall legal services.”

Client, Professional and Dependable Lawyer

“Hired for a traffic infraction. The result from Jason Collver appearing in court was FLAWLESS. This case is closed, and the infraction was dismissed. I would not hesitate to use Jason Collver again.”

Gregory, Excellence

“Got charged with public intoxication and he got my court case pushed up two weeks in advance and had everything dismissed and expunged for me with in 48 hours of hiring.”

Client, Great Lawyer

“Jason Collver is very prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. He was very patient with me on the telephone with all of my questions. He gave me honest advice, he was super easy to talk to, and treated me like family. I highly recommend him.”

Cherie, Prompt, Professional, and Knowledgeable

“I had excessive speeding and was in danger of losing my license in a small county in TN. I called Jason and his practice is 2.5 hours away one-way. I am glad I hired him instead of a local person. He got my two tickets thrown out without paying any court costs. While I hope not to have to hire him, I will without any thought to distances or travel fees.”

Don, Review on Attorney Collver