Did you know?… A conviction for DUI could make it illegal for you to drink

Currently, an individual convicted of DUI is not prohibited from purchasing alcohol, but that could change if the Tennessee legislature has its way.

Tennessee Representative Hulsey and Senator Nicely have proposed a bill making it illegal for an individual convicted of DUI to purchase alcohol.

  • A conviction for DUI First = No purchasing alcohol for one (1) year
  • A conviction for DUI Second =No purchasing alcohol for two (2) years
  • A conviction for DUI Third =No purchase of alcohol for life

Additionally, an individual convicted of DUI will have it plastered across his/her license. The license of an individual convicted of DUI will bear the words “NO ALCOHOL SALE” with other security features to make it obvious the person is convicted of DUI and cannot purchase alcohol.

Currently, the bill has advanced to the House to the Subcommittee for Finance Ways and Means. In order for this bill to become law, the House will have to bring the bill to the House floor for a full vote and the Senate will have to pick up its game because the bill has not even made it to a Senate committee.

You can read House Bill 1698 or Senate Bill 1784 for yourself.

If you are for or against the legislation, you can let your representatives know, but regardless this bill could have drastic effects on the freedoms of people accused or convicted of DUI.

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