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Have you ever been arrested or given a citation, past a speeding ticket? A few examples are: public intoxication, due care, reckless driving, simple possession, theft, soliciting prostitution, or vandalism. If so and the offense occurred in Tennessee, you may be eligible to have your record expunged. It is a common misconception that an old dismissed charge will not show up on your record because it is old or was dismissed. This is incorrect because the initial record of arrest remains forever. Often your complete criminal history can be totally free of evidence of a prior arrest.

What is expungement?

It is a process by which dismissals, diversions, and some convictions can be erased from your public record. This means that an eligible offense will not show on a background check.

How your case was resolved is important! Were all or some of your charges dismissed, were you placed on diversion, or were you convicted? Under all of these scenarios you may be eligible for an expungement.

If your charges were dismissed you are almost certainly eligible for an expungement. Dismissal occurs when the State decides not to prosecute the case against you or the State and you enter an agreement that results in the charge being dismissed. If you fit into this category, you are almost guaranteed to be eligible for an expungement.

If you were placed on pretrial or judicial diversion and successfully complete it, you may be eligible for expungement. Diversion allows you to avoid a conviction if you complete all of the requirements of the program. Upon completion for a small fee paid to the government, the charge is eligible for expungement. Meaning it can come of your record like it never happened. The benefit is that your record is clean. Diversions are almost always expungable. It is important prior to accepting a diversion agreement to speak with an attorney to determine if it is eligible for expungement.

Where you convicted of a crime? You could still be eligible for an expungement. Most misdemeanor offenses and some felonies were made expungable by the Tennessee legislature. In order to qualify, the offense must be specifically eligible for expungement and you can only have one conviction on your record. You may apply to have this charge expunged. You have to pay the petition-filing fee and get approved by the district attorney and judge. In some cases there may have to be a hearing.

The benefits of an expungement

Your record could be cleaned up or even completely eliminated depending on your situation. A clean record makes you more appealing to employers, landlords, educational institutions, folks considering you for prosecution, and more.

If you have had charges dismissed, been on diversion, or even been convicted of a crime you should talk to a criminal defense attorney about whether your charges are eligible for expungement. The process is inexpensive and can have a drastic effect on your life.

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