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Traffic Ticket Attorney in Knoxville

Getting stopped for a traffic violation, while minor in the grand scheme of criminal law, can have an effect on your wallet. Insurance companies keep track of your driving history and even the smallest speeding ticket can raise your insurance rates. Additionally, each traffic ticket adds points to your license. If you get twelve (12) or more points in a year, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security will revoke your driver’s license.

Possible Tennessee Traffic Tickets

Speeding Due Care Roadway Lane Violation
Running a Stop Sign Reckless Driving Failure to Move Over
Leaving the Scene of an Accident Failure to Report Accident Failure to Maintain Lane

Even though most people do not think of traffic offenses as crimes, a speeding ticket is a class C misdemeanor. Tennessee traffic tickets range from class C to class B misdemeanors.

The lose of a driver’s license can effect your ability to work and make a living. If you were caught driving on a revoked license, you would be arrested and have to make a bond.

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