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DUI Defense

DUI Penalties in Knoxville

Getting pulled over and charged with a DUI/ DWI can be a stressful and devastating event. However, amongst the chaos, it is essential that you remain calm and take steps to protect your rights and freedom. In that case, understanding the charges filed against you and their associated penalties is the first step in building your criminal defense.

The Legal Limit

Regardless of how sober you feel, the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level is 0.08%.
Drivers under the age of 21 are subject to a stricter policy—as opposed to the “Zero Tolerance Policy found in other states—which drops the BAC limit to a low of 0.02%.

DUI Penalties in Knoxville

The possible penalties associated with your case vary depending on the circumstances of your DUI. If anyone was hurt or killed as a result of a DUI-related crash that you were involved in, you could be facing a substantial jail sentence, hefty fines, and restitution requirements. Also, depending on the severity of your DUI, a judge may order you to install an interlock ignition device on your vehicle in order to qualify for a restricted license.

First Time Offenders: First-time offenders are subject to a minimum jail sentence of 48 hours, and face a maximum jail sentence of 11 months and 29 days. Other penalties include a criminal fine of $350-$1,500, a one-year license revocation, and thousands of dollars in court fees. You will also be required to complete a DUI school.

Second Time Offenses: At a minimum, the second offense will be subject to a minimum of 45 days in jail, and a maximum sentence of 11 months and 29 days. Penalties also include a mandatory fine of $600-$3,500 and a license revocation of two years. However, once you do get your license back, it will require you to have an ignition interlock device installed.

Also, your vehicle is subject to confiscation starting at your second DUI. You may also be required to install an ignition interlock device and pay for its associated cost.

Third Time Offenses: Third time DUI offenders face a minimum jail sentence of 120 days and a maximum sentence of 11 months and 29 days. Additional penalties include a fine of $1,100-$10,000, a six-year license revocation, vehicle seizure, an alcohol and drug treatment program, and mandatory installment of an ignition interlock device.

4th Offenses and Higher: Fourth and subsequent time offenders face conviction of a Class E felony, and a minimum year-long jail sentence, with a minimum of 150 days served consecutively. Convicted drivers also face a mandatory fine of $3,000-$15,000, a license revocation of 8 years, vehicle seizure, alcohol and drug treatment program, and a compulsory installment of an ignition interlock device.

Worst Case Scenario: Enhanced penalties are available depending on the circumstances of your case. For instance, vehicular assault—serious injury to another person resulting from your DUI—is a Class D felony and can result in a 2-12 year jail sentence, $5,000 criminal fine, and a 5-year license revocation. If a person died as a result of your impaired driving, you could be facing a Class B felony punishable by an 8-30 year jail sentence, $25,000 criminal fine, and license revocation of up to 10 years with no restricted license available.

Drivers could also be charged with child endangerment if they were driving while intoxicated with a minor in the car. First-time offenders face a minimum 30-day jail sentence and $1,000 fine. If the child was injured, the driver faces a Class D felony with a 2-12 jail sentence. If a child died, it would be considered a Class B felony punishable by 8-30 years of jail time.

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Driving while intoxicated is a severe crime in Tennessee. The consequences for a drunk driving conviction can be devastating, even for first-time offenders. A possible jail sentence and costly fees are reason alone to seek the help of an experienced DUI defense attorney.

With so much at stake, it would be in your best interest to contact Collver Law to get the aggressive legal representation you need to escape the full wrath of the state. With years of experience, Mr. Collver is an experienced DUI defense attorney with the knowledge and tenacity to fight your charges to the very end. Call today for a free consultation and get started on the better side of justice.

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