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Slip and Fall Attorney in Knoxville

Slip and fall is also known as premises liability. These cases occur when you slip on water left in the middle of an isle in a store, ice on the sidewalk outside, from poorly maintained stairs, sidewalks, etc…

The most difficult part of a slip and fall case is establishing liability. This means proving that the property owner was negligent and caused your injuries.

Establishing liability is the most important aspect of slip and fall cases. Was the owner or employee negligent? Did an employee see a spill and fail to clean it up?  The key to prevailing is showing that the owner failed to act and that resulted in your injury. Did the property owner, their agent or employee cause the dangerous condition? Did they leave an obstacle in a walking path where they knew people would travel? Should they have known that someone could potentially trip and fall? Did another customer cause the dangerous condition? Perhaps another customer spilled something on the floor. Did the owner, agent or employee have ample time to discover and remedy the dangerous condition or did they fail to act? These are all important questions an slip and fall attorney will want to know the answers to.

What if I was injured on someone else’s property?

  • Witnesses – Did someone see you get injured? Did someone see the hazard that caused your injury? If so, get their contact information.

  • Location – Where did the injury occur?

  • Observation – What did you see? Details are important. It is important to provide as much details about what caused your injury.

  • Incident report – Make sure you complete an incident report with the store.

Comparative fault – Are you partially at fault?

The property owner is going to look for anything to shift the blame for your injuries. If there is video, the owner or the owner’s attorney will review the video looking for any indications that you are more at fault for your injuries than the owner is. Did you ignore a wet floor sign? Did you watch someone drop a jar? Were you paying attention to where you were walking? The other side will look for anything to shift the blame to you. Let Collver Law advocate for you.

Time is critical!

The sooner you get in touch with Collver Law, the sooner Collver Law can start working to preserve crucial evidence in your case. Videos fall of company server’s after so many days and people start to forget things as more time goes by.

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