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Injuries that occur in the workplace are called worker’s compensation claims. These claims are meant to compensate you for injuries received while you are working. Most people think, “I was hurt at work, but I’ll just go to my doctor and pay for treatment.” Most employers carry worker’s compensation insurance to pay for injuries that occur on the job.

What you do if injured on the job?

It is imperative that you report the injury immediately. Tennessee worker’s compensation law places time limits in which a claim can be reported. The report of injury to your employer should be in writing within thirty (30) days of injury. Once you report your injury, your employer must complete the “First Report of Work Injury” form.

Tennessee law requires that your employer provide you a panel of three doctors to choose from to obtain medical treatment. Once you select a doctor, you cannot change doctors unless the treating doctor refers you to another doctor.

If your doctor prevents you from returning to work, you are not entitled to temporary disability pay for the first seven (7) days. After the first seven (7) days pass, you can start receiving temporary disability pay, if you are unable to return to work.

Worker’s compensation is a complicated legal field and the insurance company does not tell you all of your options. You could miss out on benefits you are entitled to without legal representation.

There are times in which may be involved in a car accident while on the job. It seems intuitive to think that your car insurance kicks in, but you are also able to make a worker’s compensation claim and should make a worker’s compensation claim along with a claim on your car insurance.

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