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Tennessee takes drinking and driving seriously. The law carves out a provision called Underage DWI for individuals between eighteen (18) and twenty (20) who are stopped for driving under the influence. Unlike DUI, an individual under the age of twenty-one (21) can be charged with driving while impaired if his blood alcohol content is .02 or above. Once the underage individual’s BAC reaches .08, the person can be charges with DUI instead of Underage DWI.

What is the penalty for Underage DWI?

Unlike DUI, there is no mandatory jail time or probation for an Underage DWI. An individual convicted of Underage DWI will face:

  • A fine
  • Possible community service
  • Lose of license for one year

A person convicted of Underage DWI is not eligible to petition the court for a restricted license. This means no driving for one year. If an individual were to be caught driving, the person would face the additional charge of driving on revoked, further complicating getting a license back and exposing the individual to potential jail time.

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